General Safety Requirements

These rules are for all drivers and vehicles participating in any West Michigan Mud Run events. At fair events, trucks are allowed 2 classes and 1 driver per class unless we lack trucks due to time constraints.

  • Solid tow out point at front and rear of vehicle
    (Each and every driver MUST pull a cable)
  • Helmets and seat belts required by all vehicle occupants
  • Fire Extinguisher on board
  • If factory glass and/or cab supports are removed, a roll cage is needed
  • All classes must have neutral safety switch
  • All vehicles must have working brakes
  • No drinking or drug use for ANY drivers
  • GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP is required or you will be asked to leave!

Please note:  If your truck fits into classes 1-4 and you add cuts to run classes 5-7 you must follow the  following rules for safety.

  • Fire suit required!!!
  • 6 point roll cage
  • Tranny shield or approved case
  • Master kill switch on back of vehicle

West Michigan Mud Runs officials will
make final decisions on all rules!!!


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