Class 1

$20 entry good for one pass. Trophy only, no cash payout.
  • Max tire size 36.5" DOT tire
  • Vehicle must be the way it came from the factory, except for: tires, lift kits, air cleaners, and exhaust.
  • Vehicle should be ready and able to legally run on the road (plates and insurance capable)
  • No aftermarket suspension enhancements
  • Exhaust system must have a muffler
  • Motor must have intact charging system
  • Headlights, tail lights,and windshield wipers MUST WORK
  • 4x4 production frame and body
  • Must have doors, hood, and firewall; Jeeps must have doors and a top of some sort
  • Topless vehicles need 4 point roll cage
  • Battery and radiator in engine compartment
  • No motor swaps (Chevy in Chevy, Ford in Ford, etc)
  • Intended for locals
  • Must follow all General Safety Requirements
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